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Machine Learning Training Data Annotation Types for AI in News & Media

AI in media making this industry operate with more automated tasks for better efficiency in the market. Using the computer vision or NLP/NLU, AI in news media makes the objects and languages recognition system possible for machines. And Cogito provides the training data sets for AI in media and news to develop the visual perception based AI model or language based machine learning models.

Annotation for Face Recognition in Media

Media industry can well-utilize the power of face recognition system to detect the various types of faces captured into the images or videos while reporting or covering the important topics around the world. The landmark annotation technique is used to detect or recognize such faces through AI. And to train the face detection AI model, huge amount of training data sets containing the annotated images of various persons are created with high level of accuracy.

Annotation of Visual Search in News & Media

While reporting the particular news or topic, visual search technology can be also used to detect the objects in the picture frame. Actually, when AI model is trained to detect such objects, it becomes easier for the spot such things when detect by the machine through computer vision. And to train the visual search algorithms, annotated data sets of varied objects are created by Cogito with accuracy.

Annotation for Brand Recognition in Media Industry

Media industry can use the machine learning based models to detect the popular brands, their names, logs and tags to spot them while recording the videos or images clicked randomly. Bounding box annotation or polygon annotation can be used to annotate such brand names making easier for machines to recognize in the crowd and notify the media person. Cogito is expert in varied image annotation, technique, hence it can annotate such objects with desired level of accuracy.

Text Annotation Sentiment Analysis & Language Processing

Similarly, text annotation is the technique used to annotate the texts in document to make it comprehensible to machines. The keywords are annotated with added metadata with keynotes and other tags to make the entire sentence or document easily understandable through language based machine learning training. Cogito provides the text annotation in multiple language for language processing, voice recognition and other needs with high quality.

NLP Annotation for Fake News Detection in News & Media

Using the NLP or natural language processing, news or media agencies can detect the face news reported by the unreliable sources misguiding the people. Actually, when annotated language is used to train the AI models it becomes trained to detect such fake news and report others. And Cogito provides the NLP annotation for language based machine learning models helping the news and media industry easily detect the fake news timely without help of humans.

NER Annotation for Entity Extraction

Named entity recognition or NER is used recognize the popular names, which known as the entity and their relationships with each other. In document, recognizing such names and their entities with right extraction suing the machine learning model can help news and media industry to operate with better efficiency. Cogito provides, the NER service with next level of accuracy. It can create huge amount of such annotated NER data sets for machine learning training at very affordable cost.

Cogito is expert in all types of data annotation techniques with expertise in image annotation to annotate the different type of images with high level of precision making the object of interest recognizable to machines through computer vision. It is providing the best quality training data sets for different type of AI models in different fields like healthcare, agriculture, media, retail, automotive, robotics, autonomous flying and various other untapped fields to develop the successful AI model with right training data.

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