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Top Three Myths About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming the one of the hottest topic in the tech town but few people have created myth about this technology and getting confused even also sharing the same views with other making a wrong perception about this technology and its use into various fields.

If you also have any muddiness about Artificial Intelligence you need to clear it now that will also help you to understand the new developments into this field and also explain with others to make it understandable and applications of AI into various fields. You can find here three myths about AI with explanation about such myths.

Myth#1: AI Will Replace Humans Everywhere

No its not true, AI will not replace you completely, though into few fields the human role will be replaced by AI-enabled systems. As AI can process large amount of data faster than human beings and with better accuracy but still humans are required to take the final decisions and decide what to do next. Means our role will become more valuable than earlier.

Myth#2: Adopting AI Means Accepting Big Brother

It depends upon us how we use this technology. Don’t try to hide behind the technology, as it will unnecessarily create more mystery and fear. Instead be to the point and before the technology rolls out prepare a memo or email quick scrum training to talk people using the new tools and the benefits they offer for their jobs working with such technologies.

Myth#3: Our Company Doesn’t Need An AI Strategy

You need to get out this myth from mind that AI is a highly complex and expensive technology suitable for big organizations, its not true. Every business having capability to work with new technologies can easily adopt Artificial Intelligence will gain a growth into their business. From manufacturing to service sector AI can help into multiple fields. If you are not ready to integrate AI into your business you might stay behind in race among your industry.

AI sometimes interchangeably used with machine learning which is also different from AI, even machine learning is the part of AI and AI-enabled systems or devices are developed with machine learning process. Deep learning, another similar terminology is part of machine learning and helps to develop the AI models with big data for accurate results. And machine learning training data for AI plays an important role while developing such model.

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