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Why You Need Roller Shutters for Your Home

A walk down the street after usual store hours and one will see metal shop shutters lining each lane. Every outlet has it, even the high-end ones. The use of shop shutters at retail stores is so common that everyone has associated the metal curtain with commercial uses, limited to warehouses and other such building.

However, the truth could not be any farther. An increasing number of homes are using roller shutters, especially in the US to keep their homes safe and secure from intruders and climatic conditions alike.

Today, more than ever, with a high crime rate, it has become even more pertinent to use metal shutters for residences in India. If you are not convinced yet, the following five reasons will surely change your mind:

Assured Security

The crime rate in India has increased in the last few years, and will probably rise in the future with the economic issues coupled with the lack of jobs in the nation. As such, there is a high chance of burglary in homes and stores alike.

In such situations, the metal shutter provides an extra layer of security. Manufactured in steel and aluminum, they are tough and protects the front door front break-ins. Moreover, with remote shutters, one does not have to handle the closing and opening of these curtains manually. All one needs to do is press a button in the remote and the door closes by itself, making it convenient.

Maintains Temperature

As the crime rates are increasing, so is global warming. As such, the climate is unpredictable with extreme spells of heat and humidity. During summers especially, sitting inside the house is unbearable due to the stuffiness and the sweat. Winters are not any better, with chilling air escaping the cracks between the windows and the wall, making one shiver.

Roller shutters control the temperature inside the house with ease because some are using polyurethane foam. The compound is adept at absorbing and blocking heat by stopping it during hot days while making winters slightly warmer. This, in turn, reduces the electricity bills marginally.

Reduces Noise

If you live at the roadside, you must have suffered through the noises of traffic day after day. What makes it worse is the inability to block it, as it continues to bother you and affect your well-being. Research shows that exposure to increased levels of noise can lead to anxiety and stress-related health problems.

Closing windows does not reduce the noise, as it can still escape through the cracks between the windows and silos. However, these metal curtains can lessen the amount of noise that enters a room by pressing a button, if remote shutters are used. It is so because of the way they seal any gap left.

Protects Windows

India has seen a lot of storms and hurricane in the past few years, and each has destroyed homes, breaking down doors and windows. When Mother Nature is on a rampage, no amount of sound construction can prevent the damage to houses. Windows are notably receptive to climate damages due to their fragile make.

However, roller shutters made of steel or aluminum are strong and capable of protecting windows and doors. These metal curtains are merely an upgraded version of boarding windows with wooden planks in the past, but much more efficient and lasting.

Aesthetic Value

By now, you must be convinced about investing in a roller shutter for your homes to ensure security, privacy, and protection. However, if the fact that these curtains are metallic and will ruin the aesthetics of the house is stopping you, then no more.

With aesthetics playing a vital role in the selection of everything that goes inside and outside a house, there are metal shutters available in multiple colors and shapes. They will blend with the color scheme of the residence, adding to the overall style quotient.

Metal shutters’ applications are not limited to commercial buildings and outlets alone. That much must be clear, by now. Moreover, it must be pellucid that using these metal curtains at your home not only increases the aesthetic value, when incorporated correctly but also, assures security from burglar and harsh weather.

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