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Toughest Pilgrimages in India

India is the land of deep spiritualism, ancient temples and sacred shrines that adorn the entire Indian landmass. The pilgrimages in India are an important part of the life of the Indian population while some of them are located in reachable locations others are situated in inhospitable regions that can really test your physical and mental capabilities. However taking these journeys will be very fulfilling and a once in a lifetime pilgrimage which will be incredibly soul purifying. Here are some of the toughest pilgrimages in India which you must try at least once in your lifetime:

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

The majestically towering peak of Kailash is said to have been in existence even before the creation of the Himalayas. This place is a highly revered pilgrimage destination for shiva followers, since it is believed that this is the permanent abode of lord shiva. Not only Hindus, Tibetans also worship this snow-covered mountain. as a part of the pilgrimage they make their journey around the mountain and offer their prayer to the supreme lord. You will be surrounded by stark white beauty of the ice world and it will be truly a very surreal experience.

Shrikhand Mahadev

This is a well known tough journey that takes you to the great heights of the Himalayas. Pilgrims make their way through the tough mountainous terrain to the towering naturally formed shivling. The lingum stands tall at a staggering height of 70 feet on an elevation of 19,000 feet above sea level which adds to the difficulty level of the pilgrimage. The hindu mythological significance connects this place as the spot where Bhasmasur had performed penance to shiva. Going on this incredible journey through toughness will allow you to experience lord with a new perspective.


Situated in the district of Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand, the ancient temple of Kedarnath is one of the most well known and important places of pilgrimage in India. It is not only a part of the holy Chardham Yatra but it also forms an integral part of the panch kedar yatra. The idol of the presiding deity here is worshipped as kedarji and is visited by devotees from all over the world. The journey takes you to a high-altitude region and reaching the lord requires you to complete a trekking route of 16 kms. It truly is a challenge but totally worth it.

Hemkund Sahib

This famed Sikh pilgrimage sight is located on the edge of a high altitude mountain along with a crystal clear glacial lake in front of it. The 19 km of tiring and testing journey commences from Ghangharia village and is narrow as well as steep. The unpredictable weather conditions also adds on to its difficulty gradient. The conical roofed gurudwara is dedicated to guru Gobind Singh and is a stunning sight to behold due to its surreal location. Perched on an elevation of 15,000 feet above sea level, the rugged terrain of the region plays a crucial role in further making this pilgrimage difficult.

Manimahesh Pilgrimage

The holy pilgrimage to the lake of Manimahesh is another one of the most difficult yatras in India. This high-altitude stunning lake is known for being the resting place of lord Shiva which makes it an important destination for shaivites as well. The yatra lasts for 6 days and through a series of camp set ups and sightseeing of the area you will be taken on the pilgrimage of lifetime. Pilgrims make it a point to circumambulate the lake before taking a holy and freezing dip in it.

Amarnath Yatra

The journey to the massive cave of lord Shiva is one of the most incredible places of worship for devotees. This cave is the place which is where lord Shiva had shared the secrets of life which goddess Parvati. Pilgrims can book online Amarnath Yatra package and travel for 4 to 6 days to have the darshan of the ice stalagmite shiv ling formation inside the temple. It is said that it is shiv ji himself who visits the earth here during this time. your physical and mental strength will be fully tested during this travel journey to this high-altitude pilgrimage shrine of the lord.

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