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Know Some of the Home Decoration with Botanical Plants?

Botanicals are a huge trend to decorate home right now. And, really, why wouldn’t they be? With all the new, hard-edged things filling your spaces it makes sense that a decor trend centered throughout nature and natural beauty would be so popular.

From decor ideas to art to textiles and actual plants. In this, you can learn how to arrange the botanical plants in your home. Can produce botanicals into your interior. If you are searching for more different plants, you can buy home accessories Singapore online.

Simple Botanical Ideas To Decorate Home:

Decorating a Bedroom with a Botanical Theme:

Botany is the art of all things plant-related, of flowers to leaves to branches to tree trunks. So a botanical is one in which plants – in any form – play a large role in the decorating scheme. Fresh, vibrant, growing and living, plants have a naturally soothing place that makes them extremely suited to a starring role in the bedroom.

So whether you select the real thing or prefer décor with botanical themes, it’s time to check the power of the plant in your interior decorating. To support and to motivate you, here are nine bedrooms that perfectly rock the botanical theme.

Botanical Accent Wall:

Accent walls have become a reasonably standard way to add a punch of “Wow!” to a room, so if you are looking for botanical home accessories, consider a plant-inspired accent wall at the head of your bed.

The simplest way to achieve the look is with bold wallpaper, like the glorious riot of “framed” birds, butterflies, and leaves from You will find nearly endless options, so whether you want flowers, leaves, trees, or an entire woodland picture, you can have it. What a fabulous way to add personality to your bedroom.

Plant as Headboard:

Who said you had to use a common headboard at the top of your bed? Rather than that, why not give a big potted plant the position of honor, as in this place from Emma Reddington of The Marion House Book? Look for a large plant with a commonly spreading growth pattern and big leaves, like the violin leaf fig shown here, or a palm, Swiss cheese plant, or umbrella plant. Be sure it is comfortable to reach the plant for watering, however, so your living headboard continues to thrive. So fresh and pretty.


The most simple way to add a bit of botanical décoration to your place with a beautiful natural environment. Not only for this works of green art join a fresh vibe to your space that manmade items can’t match​ they also act as air purifiers, working to separate chemicals and impurities from the air around them.

Don’t hold your thumb isn’t green enough to keep plants alive; there are many houseplants simple enough even for a beginner, including preferences like Chinese evergreen, snake plant, pothos, and dieffenbachia. If you already arranged your home with greenery, try some more challenging plants with ​colorful foliage, such as polka dot plant; or a flowering houseplant similar like African violet.

Botanical Mural:

If you would want to go forward with your botanical decorations, why not try a wall mural? Whether you include an entire wall, go small-scale with a mural focused above your bed, or simply add a floral pattern along the upper wall, it is like a dramatic way to add botanical flair to the room. If you are sure in your artistic abilities, create the design yourself, like the beautiful hand-painted mural in this bedroom from Kendall Wilkinson Design.

If you want to DIY, but it is a long time for those high school drawing classes, use stencils. If you favor avoiding a paintbrush altogether, there are lots of wallpaper or wall decal designs to choose from. Buy home decor online Singapore which provides you all kinds of botanical plants to decorate your home.

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