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Health Hazards Associated with Poorly Maintained ACs at Workplaces

An appropriately maintained AC at your workplace offers numerous benefits. It regulates temperature in order to keep your employees cool, cozy, comfortable, and above all productive. However, proper maintenance of the machine is a prerequisite to avail of all these benefits. In case you have an incompetent and damaged system inside your premise, it might have so many negative effects on your manpower, and some of those effects can be very dangerous.

While there are a large number of benefits that a well functioning machine offers, a malfunctioning unit can fail at its task unexpectedly, leaving the temperature inside a space very unbalanced. Needless to say, during summer months, a sudden imbalance in temperature can have a drastic effect on productivity.

An ambience which is either too hot or too cold perturbs your employees, making them distracted and less productive in their tasks.

Just contrary to heating systems, the mechanism of cooling air produces a profuse amount of moisture and condensation that is channelled away by your cooling apparatus. On the other hand, a malfunctioning air conditioner is bound to leave traces of moisture, and as a result, these dark and damp spaces turn into an ideal breeding ground for countless dangerous micro organisms and bacteria.

All this creates unpleasant smells while lowering down the AC’s performance. What’s more, the unit then can disperse these micro organisms and bacteria into entire office wherein your employees breathe. This can make them vulnerable to different types of allergic as well as asthmatic problems.

Some other issues caused by a badly maintained AC include the following-

  • Nasal issues
  • Itching in the eyes
  • Mild , continuous headache
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in breathing.

It is not a rocket science to sense whether the AC at your workplace is functioning well or not. You can experience it immediately by the performance behaviour of your machine. In case of any non-functionality, it is imperative to call professional AC repairers without any delay.

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