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What is The Pattern of the IELTS Exam?

IELTS Exam also stands for ‘International English Language Testing System’ exam. This test is conducted by the British Council for checking the basic communication capabilities of the candidates for either work or academic purposes. This test is also used various other purposes like for migration or for employing any foreigners in the English speaking countries. This test is more useful than any other English test in the world. Approximately about 3 million people of different race and culture appear for this exam.

Four major English skills are checked through the IELTS test. They check the conversational skill and the literacy skills of the candidate. Under the conversational skills, the ability to listen and speak the language is checked. And for the literacy skills, they test the writings and reading skills of the candidate. The total duration of this test is about 2 hours and 45 minutes. The candidate has to answer Multiple Choice Questions asked in different formats. The candidate is also asked to have a conversation with a native English speaking person for checking the communication capability of the person.

For IELTS preparation, the candidate must familiarize with the pattern of the test. This will help in better planning and preparation for the test. They can start the preparation by giving any mock IELTS test online to understand and identify the areas that need immediate focus. With the help of this test, one can highlight his or her weakness and strength in the language. Given below is the definition of the different tests that the candidate will face while sitting for the IELTS Singapore.

IELTS Reading Exam

In this exam, the candidate must answer about 40 questions after reading a passage. This test is different for both Academic and General Module. The main purpose of this test is to check the reading ability and comprehension ability of the candidate.

IELTS Writing Exam

Like the reading section, the writing section also differs from Academic and General Module. The candidate appearing in the IELTS test Singapore needs to complete the test in about 60 minutes. In the Academic Module, the candidate must write about 150- 200 words about some visual pictures and an essay of about 250-300 words in about 40 minutes on a specified topic.

IELTS Listening Exam

In this exam, the candidate needs to understand the speech of any native English speaker. The total duration of this exam is about 40 minutes. This exam is common for both the modules. The main aim of this module is to check the ability to comprehend any speech that one would face during the stay in the English speaking country.

IELTS Speaking Exam

Those who are appearing in the IELTS exam Singapore must have a good stock of English vocabulary to successfully pass the speaking test. This test lasts for 11 to 15 minutes. This involves a conversation with the interviewer than a small essay about some topic the candidate will have to explain to the interviewer. The main aim of this test is to check the conversation skills of the candidate.

From the above information would be enough for understanding the basic structure of the IELTS exam. With the help of the mock test identify the weak areas and prepare accordingly for getting a good band score in the exam.

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