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How is Model Based Learning Used in Machine Learning?

Model-based machine learning is a kind of advance approach towards the ML development where all assumptions about a problem area are considered clear in the form of a model. And later this model is used to create model-specific algorithm to learn about the domain in which algorithm creation part of this process can be automated.

How is Model Based Learning used in ML?

The model-based machine learning idea can be applied for any problem or to create a custom-built model and its main purpose approach means you don’t need to learn large number of machine learning algorithms and techniques to develop model-based ML.

Actually, when a machine learning engineer want to solve the problem using the machine learning he have to choose one of more of these algorithms otherwise have to develop the new one. The main idea of using this process is instead of transforming your problem to fit some standard algorithm in model-based machine learning you customize the algorithms accordingly to make it fit into your problem and give right solution.

Usually, model-based machine learning can be applied using a model-specified language in which using the compact code model can be easily defined from that the software implementing that model can be generated automatically.

Model-based machine learning used with the help of ML algorithms and assumptions, as the model covers the set of assumptions we are making about the problem domain. And to obtain from the model to a set of predictions you have to use the data and compute all the variables whose values we want to know. However, there are several techniques available for inference.

Tools Used for Model-Based Machine Learning

There are many tools available for model based learning used in machine learning. Infer.NET, BUGS, Church, Stan, GPy and PyMC are various popular tools used as per the ML model and algorithm compatibility. To use these tools efficiently you need to hire machine learning engineer and analysis the scope and viability of using the model-based machine learning to develop new models or build the application that can work on ML-based principles.

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