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Cost of Living in Ontario CA

Determining your next place of living is not a task that comes easily to anyone. You are leaving your past life behind in a way and completely changing your day to day activities. Our current cities/states carry a great deal of sentiment for most of us. And nobody wants to settle into their new home and realize that the cost of living in Ontario CA is too much for them. There are many memories and experiences that still tie us to places where we currently live or once used to.

This is why it's extremely important to be properly informed. You do not want to regret making your decision once you've moved out here. A great choice if you do decide to do that would be How much does it cost to live in Ontario CA is a question that should influence your choice drastically. Money is not everything, sure, but it is something we cannot do without. And if you need to spend more than you can earn living in Ontario CA, it's not the place for you.

Let's find out about Ontario CA living costs by studying each of the big cities individually:

Cost of living in Ontario CA - Toronto

If we take Vancouver out of the equation, Toronto is the most expensive city in all of Canada. Needless to say, it's absolutely number one in Ontario. With all its glamour and fame, it really makes sense. It's the uncrowned capital of Canada and has no match if you're looking for the classic busy, prosperous and urban city. If you need help moving there, make sure to ask for moving estimate online.

In terms of renting, an average 1 bedroom apartment in the city center will set you back C$1,981 which is approximately 40% more than Montreal. In a more affordable area, it drops down to C$1,522 which is still pretty expensive. Let's just say this is not the cheapest way to live in Ontario CA.

If you plan to live with a roommate or your significant other, the monthly utilities revolve around C$126 for a 900 Sqft apartment. For a studio, it's C$95. Want to have a full course meal at a nice restaurant that includes wine as well? Sure thing, you just need to pay approximately C$107.

Looking at the basic grocery needs, a 1lb of boneless chicken meat is C$7 and a 1l jar of milk costs C$2.96. Want some eggs to go with your bacon? Buying a dozen large ones in an average store will set you back C$3.89. Additionally, 16 oz. of local cheese costs C$10.

Although pretty expensive to live in, Toronto still draws a huge amount of people every year.


Out of the 15 major cities in Canada, Ottawa ranks 7th. Right in the middle. Still a pretty big city, but more affordable than Toronto.

In terms of rent and housing, a bigger apartment (900 Sqft) in a more affordable area hovers around C$1,478, while a busier and "nicer" city center flat costs C$1,871. Utilities, on the other hand, for the said apartment with 2 people living in it will set you back C$132. It also has a great digital community, and if you work in the online environment, it could be the perfect fit for you.

If you live a busy life and do not have the time to tidy up your place on a regular basis, you will need to pay C$25 as an hourly rate for that sort of service. A monthly subscription to the local transportation if owning a car is too expensive, or you cannot drive, is C$115. How about that for the cost of living in Ontario CA?

Want to relax after a hard day at a local bar? For that sort of pleasure, the bartender will ask you to dish out C$10. If you are a smoker and like the Marlboro flavor, a pack of cigarettes is C$14. But please stop, why do that to yourself? It's not the 1960s anymore, it's gross.

Ottawa remains one of the top cities to live in Canada as it has the perfect blend of everything you need.


Currently, the biggest city in the greater Ontario area, Sudbury is a great location for you to consider and talk over with your partner. It's one of the major retail, economic, health and educational centers in the Northern Ontario. But how does it compare to other cities in terms of pricing? Let's find out.

Let's start with the basic groceries. Here's how much some of them will set you back according to numbeo:
  • Milk (regular), 1 liter - C$ 2.31
  • A loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) - C$2.62
  • Eggs (regular) (12) - C$2.83
  • Apples (1kg) - C$1.57
  • Water (1.5-liter bottle) - C$2.00
  • Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg) - C$13.10

Purchasing a monthly pass, if you do not own a car, will cost C$90. Getting a cab, on the other hand - C$2.00. Basic monthly utilities that include Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage for 2 people living in a bigger apartment cost C$201.69.

If you want to rent a 1-bedroom apartment, it will not make much difference whether you do so in the city center or on the outskirts, as they both hover around C$900 on a monthly basis. Furthermore, a 3 bedroom flat goes for C$1,505 in the busiest part of the city, while a smaller one is C$1,290.

Looking at this from a neutral perspective, Sudbury really provides a great option if you are concerned about the costs of living in Ontario CA. Relatively affordable, not a huge, immensely populated city, but still with a lot of great places to visit and enjoy.

Writer's recommendation when considering the cost of living in Ontario CA - Hamilton

The capital of Ontario. Additionally, one of the best places you can choose if you do decide to move here. And affordable as well. At least if you compare it to other Canada cities of similar size.

Let's say you have a family of 4. If that's the case with you, and you are thinking about Hamilton, on a monthly basis you will need to set aside C$ 3,501 for living expenses. Getting something as a top-up personal loan does not have to be a necessity here.

This does not include rent, unfortunately. A 3-bedroom apartment in the urban area costs $1,690, while in a more remote neighborhood outside of the spotlight, $1,526 will be more than enough to find you a cozy living space. If you consider the fact that the average monthly salary in this city hovers around C$3,287, this is pretty good. You can even save money on a consistent basis.

In general, if you compare all the metrics possible, Hamilton does seem to be the best option out there. The job market is booming, the prices are medium and the community is amazing. It just has an edge in our personal opinion over all other cities and it really improves the cost of living in Ontario CA.

As we previously stated, Hamilton is second to none in this comparison. Especially if you are moving here with a partner or family

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