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What is a Pediatrician? What are The Different Types of Pediatricians?

Who is a Pediatrician?

Pediatricians are doctors that specialize in dealing with children. They manage the health of the child, along with their physical, mental, and behavioral health issues. They take care of issues from minor to major ones. See the Best Children's Hospital in Hyderabad.

What Does A Pediatrician Do?

A pediatrician will see children of age 2 to 5 and above. For a child of the age 2 to 5, they will have to be taken regularly to the doctor. For the child above the age of 5, the doctor will perform annual check-ups. Also, they are the first to contact if the child falls sick and is not keeping well.

Some of the things they do to take care of the child are:
  • Perform physical exams
  • Make sure that the child is growing well, and meets milestones in behavior, growth, and skills
  • Give the child the vaccinations they need to avoid serious disorders
  • Diagnose any illnesses, and treats them along with injuries, infections, and other health problems
  • Clear all the doubts and answer all the questions about the child’s well-being and growth
  • Provides information about the child’s health, nutrition, safety, fitness, and development
  • Refer to other specialists, if needed.

What Is The Need For a Pediatrician?

One major thing to always keep in mind is that the family doctor is always the go-to option whenever the need arises. However, there might arise some situations where the presence of a pediatrician may be helpful.

Some of the reasons to go to a pediatrician are because:
  • They specialize in children's health
  • They see the child only while practicing, which adds to them treating the child well.
  • They also take care of children that were born early or have health conditions which need extensive assistance and close monitoring.

What Are The Types Of Pediatricians?

General Pediatrician, M.D.

Most general pediatricians are Doctors of Medicine (MD) and are primary care specialists. They give basic medical care and treatment to children from their birth through their early years of childhood. Visit the Best Pediatrician in Hyderabad for the right care of your child.

General Pediatrician, O.D.

While the majority are MDs, some of the general physicians also specialize in or are called a Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (OD). These doctors’ prime focus is on the musculoskeletal system of the child’s body, along with preventive medicine and holistic pediatric care.

Pediatric Surgeon

Pediatric surgeons are specially trained to carry out surgical procedures and operations on young patients. They correct or repair problems in children from infants to late adolescents via surgery.


A neonatologist is a pediatrician who specializes in caring for infants that are sick or premature. They provide care for newborn babies or infants who need extensive care right after birth.

Pediatric Geneticist

A doctor specialized in both pediatrics and genetics is called Pediatric Geneticist. They can identify and recognize causes of birth problems, abnormalities in the body structure, brain development or body structure.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Pediatric emergency medicine specialists treat young patients in the hospital’s emergency department. They handle a variety of emergencies such as accidents, falls, car accidents, accidental poisonings, injuries, broken bones, food poisoning, and so on.

Pediatric Critical Care/ Intensivist

Also referred to as Ped CC, these doctors treat children with critical conditions. They tend to children in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). They deal with severely sick kids, may have had near to death situations due to trauma, accidents, or illness.

Other pediatric specialties include pediatric cardiology (heart), pediatric hematologists (blood disorders), pediatric endocrinologists (hormones), and so on.

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