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How to Maximize Your Solo Trip to Kerala

Taking solo trips can help you detox from your stressful routine. Moreover, it jogs your memory and tells all your senses that you are the leader of your life’s journey. It makes you more confident, self-reliant and gets you out of your comfort zone. And opting for Kerala tourism for a solo getaway could not be a better decision.

Kerala paints a great story of greenery, food, serene waters and art. Tucked away in a distant world far from the frenzy of the metropolitans of India, it is a place that cleanses your mind, body and soul. And to maximize your solo trip to Kerala, we have listed down everything you need to incorporate in your plan.

Ways to maximize your solo trip to Kerala:

  • Bathe the Elephants

Research states that animals help to bring out the most caring side in a human. Elephants are the state animal and are considered to be very auspicious.

Hence, Kerala is home to elephant sanctuaries and bathing and feeding baby elephants will help surface the most caring part of you. There is also a wide range of different eco-tourism activities that you can undertake which will let you contribute to the betterment of the society and in-turn make you feel better about yourself.

  • Stroll at the Beach

There are over 22 beaches in Kerala and they are popular for being clean and crowd-free. Take a stroll on these palm-fringed coastlines and spend some time having long, undisrupted conversations with yourself. Beaches and the serene waters have been known to work as an instant therapy.

It relaxes and calms your mind and you can use it to your absolute advantage on a solo trip to Kerala. Some beaches boast lighthouses and you can behold amazing views from there.

  • Opt for Homestays

Travelling with a friend or a group may demand all your attention and you may not be able to enjoy and take in your surroundings. So if solo travel lets you enjoy the company of people around you, you must make the most of it by opting for homestay facilities.

There are a number of listed options that are reviewed by visitors and are marked safe by travel websites and tourists. Choose one among those and spend time with the locals, living under the same roof and experiencing their lifestyle closely.

You will never understand the vibe of the land unless you live like a local and this is your chance to take in everything the local culture has to offer.

  • Explore historically significant locations

Hiding in Kerala’s store is a plethora of majestic and beautiful forts and temples. Nothing explains the joy of finding out about your roots and being proud of it.

A sense of greatness evolves from visiting places in your own country that have high historical significance and it is necessary for boosting your ego. You can visit the Fort Kochi, St. Francis Church, Thalassery Fort, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Bekal fort etc. and re-live the tales of strength and courage.

  • Undertake adventure activities

Adventure can enlighten your soul. It helps you become courageous and face situations head-strong. It could be wildlife sighting, water sports, hiking in the dense forest or a ferry ride on the lake as long as it challenges your inner strength and rushes your adrenaline.

The only person you depend on is yourself and at the end of successfully completing an activity, you will enjoy an immeasurable feeling of achievement.

  • Try as much varied food as you can

The best part about solo travelling is that there is no fear of judgement, whether it is about your decisions of exploring, lazing around, sleeping patterns and most importantly, food habits.

And in a state like Kerala that is so good at food, you must go all out on trying varied dishes that are a speciality of South Indian cuisine. Start with the traditional Puttu and Kadala Curry and go on to eating lip-smacking seafood that will have you possibly salivating throughout your life.

  • Indulge in art and craft activities

Art is responsible for bringing out positive changes in a human being. It encourages creative thinking, relieves burdensome stress, boosts self-esteem and delivers a sense of attainment.

And when you are exploring the rich streets of Kerala that is flooding with music, drama and dance festival, drenching in that seems just like the right thing to do.

Attend live shows and performances and understand the lives of performers and their dedication to the art forms. It will impact and drive you too to bring out the best in you and make most of your own abilities.

  • Enjoy a massage

Ayurveda is India’s most ancient healing tradition. Its benefits are endless and the legacy is carried from over 5,000 years.

There are many Ayurvedic resorts and spas located in Kerala and a deep tissue massage is something you must take upon yourself. It will ease out all tension and stress knots and make you feel healthier and better, both mentally as well as physically. You will be ready to get back to life with more meaning and motivation.

So what is keeping you waiting? Choose and book among all the different Kerala tourism packages available to you and go solo tripping now!

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