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How to Buy the Best Polish Free Glasswashers for Business Use?

Your glassware collection can make even the blandest kitchen and dining space transformed into a place of fine artistic choices. Though mostly it depends on the kind of collection you own, much of the crystal clear shine is to be attributed to the hard work. Remember, you hand polished each of these after a thorough dishwasher or manual cleaning? However, if this seems a tedious task because you like throwing parties and inviting guests whenever you can, a polish-free glasswasher can take all the load from your shoulders (well, literally!).

Dishwasher or Glasswasher for Business

Once upon a time, owning a dishwasher was a luxury (which mostly belonged to commercial spaces that too for the obvious reasons) but not anymore. Now most of the families have one, depending on their needs (small/big, portable/built-in, or countertop/drawer) in addition to the commercial spaces. However, glass washer, that too, a polish-free type is still considered a style-statement if not in a bar. Only those with a load of partying friends can really think of a reason to own one. But the kind of potential buyers is also increasing.
Like you!

Why a polish-free glass washer for Business use

As the name ‘glasswashers’ can really seem exclusive, the machine can do the minor job of cleaning other dishes that are not really big comfortably and relatively quicks. So this machine can turn out to be great equipment for a bachelor or 2-member family.

For those who are still wondering about the magic this machine can perform, reading the below list can be some help: -
  • Save a lot of your time: they are really quick and easy
  • Free up your hands to do some cleaning for which there is no such magic machine
  • Save your meticulously hand-picked glassware from breakage and thus disrupting the set
  • ‘No use of hands’ means ‘no injury’ from accidental breakage as well
  • And if you are finicky about dirt and dust, all the more reason to NOT use a cloth to make your glassware shine
Now that you have partially made your mind up (or are in process of doing so!), this blog lets you know the secret (which is not really a secret, though) of buying the best of the Polish free Glasswashers. That literally translates into looking keenly for the following key areas:


Depending on how many close friends or invitees get to attend your party, you might want to make your selection of any glasswasher but the same goes for the polish-free version as well. Importance of this point cannot be emphasised enough, even if it makes more sense to a buyer planning to buy a commercial dishwasher.


When you plan to buy any appliance, you make sure there’s a dedicated space for it. If not, you see if that could be created. This is where the size of the appliance plays the role. Depending on where you are planning to install the dishwasher, you need to make a note of its size. (An 18 and 24 inch dish washer with a setting for brittle glassware is also the best choice for a family group of three/four for continuous use, if you are looking for these options as well!)


While making a selection of a dishwasher specifically designed to wash glassware and make it sparklingly shiny, you can pick one based on its type: portable, built-in, countertop or drawer model. However, a glassware washer could either be for Business use or commercial purposes and mainly comes in portable shape.


You already have thought about how using a dishwasher would save you some money and hard work but the efficiency as stated by the manufacturers also tells a lot if you need to use it quite often, especially during parties.


You wouldn’t want your utility bills to go crazy, right? But chances of that getting happened are high if you don’t pay attention to the Energy efficiency of your machine. You get the point!


Not all the features are important to every buyer and not every glass washers will have all these. So you need to look for the ones you are interested in your choice of the model/brand.

Some of the important ones to look for are:
  • Adjustable racks: Racks that could be moved according to the size of the glasswasher can be a real lifesaver to many buyers.
  • Wash zones: For the heavily soiled glassware pieces, this special place inside the washer can be most looked for.
  • RO: Some Dishwashers and even glasswasher come with Reverse Osmosis system pre-installed solving the water hardness issue. This one generally guarantees sparkling glassware. If the glass washer you are looking does not come with an RO, making your glassware sparkle without your touch would be a challenging job.
  • Touchpad Controls: These could be upfront, partially-hidden or hidden (with only an indicator light to show that the machine is running). This is mostly about personal preference rather than any real value.
  • Heated dry: Having this mode is great (like RO!) for your glassware to really shine because the heat makes the last of the droplets go away without leaving a mark for you to clean manually. Though, a word of caution, your electricity bills might go up for the extra power needed to do the job.

Still to consider...

You can look for the things you want in a glasswasher but you must understand that these appliances are still manufactured keeping in mind the commercial usage. So you might need to make some adjustments while making a purchase for your Business. This could come from the least expected aspect like the drainage type: gravity drain or pump drain. However, having them for a quick and easy job of cleaning your glassware (along with other small dishes but not big pots and pans) can turn out to be real advantage!

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