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4 Tips to Choose the Best Tyres for Improved Vehicle Performance

Tyres are one of the most important yet the most overlooked part of a modern day vehicle. They are the main contact a vehicle has with the road but many people fail to realize that they require regular maintenance to provide optimum performance.

Tyres are essential for safe driving as they connect the vehicle with the road and offer grip for braking and acceleration, maintain steering and control direction. There are so many brands of tyres available in the market that choosing the right one for your vehicle and individual driving need becomes a tough task especially if you have not done this before.

Here is a guide on choosing the best tyres for increased vehicle performance. Read these tips to understand how to buy the most suitable tyres for your vehicle.

1. Buy the right tyre size

In order to enjoy safe and smooth drive, make sure to buy the right tyre size. Establish the vehicle’s tyre size, width, load index and appropriate pressure by looking at the wall of the existing tyres or in the vehicle’s handbook. With this information, finding the correct tyre size becomes easy and you can select ones that match the vehicle’s specifications. The right type of tyre can determine 20% of the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

2. Focus on quality and price

Knowing the right size for the vehicle will make it easy to buy the best quality tyre and at the right price too. All the tyres sold in the market meet strict safety standards but better quality ones last for a long time and offer better driving experience. They have improved stopping distance, fuel economy and better grip especially in wet conditions and lower noise levels that makes them the ideal choice. However, it does not mean you should buy highly priced tyres; compare prices to get a good deal.

3. Vehicle type

Tyres should be purchased according to the type of vehicle you drive. Cars, vans, 4x4, camper vans, trucks all have specific requirements and only the right one should be bought for best fit. Dunlop tyres were most popular as the company produces 130 different types of tyres for trucks and buses as compared to other brands.

4. Type of tyre

Summer and winter tyres provide safe driving experience in extreme weathers. Summer tyres work well in hot conditions and offer higher levels of grip in warm and dry conditions while winter tyres are good for icy roads and brake well in cold climate. All season tyres are good for all types of mild weather conditions and work well in moderate climates so it is essential to keep the seasonal conditions in your area to make the best choice.

With so many variations, choosing the most suitable tyres can be a long and confusing process but you can make the right decision by knowing the right size, type as well as the market rates. It is essential to spend some time to find the best tyres that lead to improved vehicle performance.

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