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What to Expect in a Dubai Desert Safari Adventure

If you are planning your Dubai holiday, you would surely have come across desert safari adventures. Desert safari is one of the major attractions in Dubai, and it is surely something you should not miss. The desert safari takes you to the middle of the vast Arabian desert where you enjoy adventure, entertainment and great food. There are three main types of desert safari which are evening desert safari, morning desert safari and overnight desert safari. Moreover, each of these desert safaris have different variations like private desert safari, luxurious desert safari, desert safari with camel riding or hot air balloon, etc. As evening desert safari is the most popular and something that most people opt for, we want to tell you what exactly you can expect at the Dubai desert safari adventure.

What Happens at the Dubai Desert Safari Adventure?

One thing you need to keep in mind is that there may be slight changes in the desert safari itinerary depending on the tour operator you choose. Still, generally, most things are common across all desert safari companies.

Transportation: Most desert safari companies offer transportation to its customers. The vehicle would arrive at your home or hotel at the designated time to take you to the outskirts of the desert. The same vehicle would take you back home at night, after the desert safari. This way, you do not have to worry about arranging transportation for your journey from your hotel or home to the desert and back.

Dune Bashing: Once you reach the outskirts of the desert, you get into giant 4x4 vehicles with deflated tyres for a round of a thrilling dune bashing ride. Driven by a professionally trained driver, the experience of sitting in a vehicle that rides the high and low sand dunes is nothing less than exhilarating. The dune bashing session is adventurous and at the same time, really safe. However, young children, pregnant women and elderly people should avoid it at all costs.
Desert Camp Adventure: After the dune bashing session, you would be taken to the desert camp where you would be able to enjoy some really exciting activities. Take a short journey on a camel, ride on the sand dunes on a quad bike and try your hand at sand boarding. You can also explore a small part of the desert on a sand buggy. Morning desert safari may also include activities like hot air balloon ride and wildlife safari.

Breathtaking Sunset: As the sun sets, you need to retire into the desert camp where a host of interesting things await you. However, before you do that, you must witness the breathtaking sunset in the desert. The setting sun casts a golden hue on the desert, giving it an ethereal look. Do not forget to capture this beautiful natural phenomenon on your cameras.
Desert Camp Activities: The desert camp is fashioned like a Bedouin village with cosy tents and comfortable low tables and cushions. Before you reserve a seat for yourself, you can get your hands or arms painted with henna, take pictures wearing the traditional Arabic garb and taste the most delicious Arabic coffee. You would also be able to smoke shisha and watch a falcon show. You will also get the opportunity to hold a falcon on your wrist. Do take a picture to share it on your social media handle.

Entertaining Performances: As the night progresses, the desert camp is lit with beautiful lights and comes alive with music and dance performances. You would be able to enjoy a belly and Tanoura dance performances. With great music accompanying the dancers, you would surely find the performances mesmerizing. An important thing to remember is that these performances do not happen during the month of Ramadan.

BBQ Dinner: Many consider this to be the highlight of the entire evening. You get to tuck into delicious kebabs, rice dishes, gravies, salads and Arabic deserts. You would be able to enjoy both local and international delicacies. If you have certain specifications, like if you are vegetarian, you can mention this at the time of booking. Special arrangements would be made for you.
After dinner, you would be taken back to your hotel. If you have opted for overnight desert safari, you would sleep in an air-conditioned tents in cosy sleeping bags. Those who want to enjoy the beauty adn quietness of the desert can sit around the bonfire and drink unlimited cups of Arabic tea and coffee. Your day will start with a surreal sunrise on the desert followed by an Arabic breakfast.

Tips for Desert Safari Adventure

The desert safari adventure in Dubai is really exciting and a must-do thing when you are in Dubai for a holiday. But to ensure that you have a memorable time in the desert, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:
  • Wear comfortable clothes during your desert safari. Opt for flipflops or open sandals instead of close shoes.
  • Apply a good sunscreen on your face & body. Also, carry sunglasses and hat to shield yourself from the harsh sun.
  • Likewise, carry a jacket or shawl with you as it is chillier at the desert as the night progresses.
  • Carry some cash with you as you may have to pay extra money to enjoy certain activities like sandboarding or smoke shisha. You can also buy souvenirs to take back home.
  • Have a light lunch so that you do not feel uneasy or throw up during the dune bashing session.
As you now know what to expect at the desert safari, you should book your desert safari tour soon. With so many options, you can choose a tour as per your requirements and budget.

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