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What is the Best Way to Learn Web Site Development?

Web development has a very good career scope. To become web developer you or as a beginner, you need to have the basic idea of Designing, photo editing, and graphics skills you do not need to be expert for that, it is just that you should have some knowledge about them. And for development, you should be knowing about front-end and back-end, for front-end you should be familiar with any of the framework supported by the language you are interested in and same for the back-end.
Web Development is also about User Interaction (UI) and user experience (UX). It plays an important role, So learn about UI and UX.

Nowadays in web development companies, websites developed are platform independent and responsive. Website fits themselves in such a way that it looks good and do not affect the user experience. So learn responsive Web development.

There are 2 kinds of websites. Static and Dynamic.

Static Websites are those which are maintained by owner only and do not change until someone codes or do changes in the core files. Eg HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Opposite to this dynamic websites is those which update the data provided at the user side with respect to the changes occurring. Eg PHP, Python. Data is transferred as a request to the server and then after processing, sends the result in the form of output as HTML web pages.

The backend is what connects the front end to the server side. So learn backend technologies in detail.

Choose any language of your choice like Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP etc. and learn the frameworks.

The best way to use your knowledge is the practical implementation of whatever you have learned. Choose the topic for your project and start working over it. When you start your first project go for some easy topic or the most popular project because in case if you get stuck while web developing you can get help online at Google or YouTube.

You can learn web development online or you can join the web development courses in any web development company. You can also join online forums and discussions to ask your doubts.

To become a web developer follow the following path:

  1. Learn front end development (HTML,CSS,JS,JQuery)
  2. Learn about Git, Shell, Working with terminals, SSH.
  3. Learn about databases like MySql, MongoDB (NoSQL and SQL)
  4. Learn Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, PSD to HTML
  5. Learn Backend Development (PHP, JAVA. Python, JS etc)
  6. At last, build a project by applying above all.
After building a website its important that it should reach to the customers or viewers, So for that, you need to perform its Digital Marketing. For that, there are lots of digital marketing companies available. Get in touch with Webisolution A Web Development and Digital Marketing Company.

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