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Planning a Trip to Europe From Dubai

The Europe holiday package from Dubai takes you through spectacular rolling hills few covered with snow, bright sparkling lakes, diverse and unique culture, incredible food, fashion and so much more. Europe as a continent is a perfect blend of amazing architecture structure and art with modern urban life.

In Vienna, the large open scenic field allows you to escape the typical day to day tiring life and breathe in fresh air. One can go fishing, exploring the wild or its eye-catching places of attractions.

France is a sparkling gem with the capital city of Paris also known as the city of love. When you think of Paris, grand romances, fascinating museums, and beautiful art galleries come into one's mind, and the city of Paris entirely lives up to these expectations.

German homes some of the most important historical places which diverted the course of humanity in the last century Germany also offers truly amazing and unending shopping activities in chic boutiques and peaceful views along river Rhine.

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Istanbul is the city where it is said that "the east meets the west'. It boasts of stunning architectures like nowhere else.

One can enjoy dolmabahce palace and the Rumelia historic fortress on a Bosporus cruise which a truly enriching experience.
The traditional Turkish cuisine not only will make your taste buds wanting for more but also make you come here again and again.

The Europe tour package from Dubai then takes you to the United kingdom's which doesn’t need an introduction. This country offers an outstanding variety, with its crown jewel- London. London, a truly international city provides more than just a rich tourist experience.

Home to the royal family, Buckingham Palace is one of the most important places in this city London. Other than being home to the royal family, London is also a capital of theatre, fashion, and art that can't be matched by any place on earth.

Scotland with its historic cities like Glasgow lives its reputation for its live music, museums, galleries, and diverse and unique arrays if restaurants and bars that just never seem to end.

Amsterdam tour package from Dubai takes you to the country of the Netherlands. Though there is much more to this fabulous country than this world-famous city. However, Amsterdam is a beating of this country and attracts a large crowd of tourists every year.

Exploring the Netherlands is quite an experience with its multiple windmills, tulips, and waterlogged places and all these just add to the beauty of this city. But it is Amsterdam that is considered to be the most memorable.

One can stuff themselves with tasty sugary Stroop waffles from the lively streets, ride a bike by a canal, taste the unique Belgian beverages or party all night long, your experience in this city will be, above anything, fun on this Amsterdam tour package from Dubai.
This is not a city where you should come to relax when you come here to wake up till late, meet the local people, try to immerse yourself in the culture of this place and let your hair blow in Amsterdam winds.

In addition to having a large number of Indie chops, warm cafes, immersing nightlife, and restaurants, Amsterdam is the cultural hotspot of the whole of the Netherlands. It has some of the best museums -the fabulous Rembrandts and Vermeer’s in the Rijksmuseum, the most extensive collection of van Gogh paintings in the world at the Van Gogh Museum, and a branch of Russia’s Hermitage Museum that brings some of its treasures to Europe in blockbuster exhibits.

If you decide to go out of the city of Amsterdam, there are a few places worth visiting. The deft, small town as an extensive network of canals and historic buildings, Haarlem which has excellent cafes, unique museums, and lovely cobblestone streets.

In contrast, Rotterdam is considered to be hyper-modern. After it was destroyed in the Second World War, it was rebuilt with great enthusiasm for the new. There are lots to see and do here, and it’s perfect for party animals.

Happily, for tourists, the Dutch are well versed in English, and there’s no need to try to understand the local language.

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