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Do You Want to Work Online? Here are the Most Requested Digital Works

What are the digital works or better the works of the future? Let's find out together!

In a constantly evolving reality, where the person is seen as the cosmopolitan with eyes shining and scaling towards increasingly digitized ecosystems, it goes without saying that new digital works are born.

In particular, it is precisely with the birth of the startup ecosystem and with the rapid affirmation of this phenomenon on a global level that literally blossomed, even more, new professions of the web , and not only that, a few years ago, even imagined.

Surely the technological factor that characterizes most of the innovative startups, and the digital aspect connected to it, has amplified a trend that already existed before the definition of startup itself took hold.
Among digital works , we can certainly point out figures such as the Digital Strategist, the Digital PR or the SEO Specialist, all of whom are born from relatively little and who have won, in just a short time, a very high demand from most startups and not only.

Digital Jobs: here are the most requested

Below we will show you the most requested digital works, the first three have been mentioned above, but let's look at them in more detail.

In particular, the work of the Digital Strategist consists in the preparation of promotional strategies for events, products or services at the web level, integrating the various known channels (especially online), through a definition of the objectives to be achieved based on a predefined budget.

The digital PR, always inserted in the most requested digital professions, however, takes its cue from what once was a profession in all respects, however, exclusively offline. To date, the work is completed online. In fact, the goal of Digital PR is to contact the so-called influencers (this figure can also be defined as a new emerging profession especially among millennial) to get their collaboration in giving visibility to a product or service to advertise or promote.

Among the digital works is the SEO specialist, which can be deduced from the label, is responsible for Search Engine Optimization, or to optimize the contents of a website, so that this can best position itself on search engines, such as Google. It is important that in addition to the correct indexing of contents, obtained through the choice of particular keywords, a correct setting of the structure of the site is also carried out.

In addition to these digital works increasingly requested on the market there are certainly many others that stand out and that, perhaps, are not yet known among the population of a non-startupper.

Digital Jobs: the new digital professions with the advent of startups

New digital works are born with the startup world. Let's see together what the digital works of the future are.

One of these is the community manager, that is, the person who manages and manages an online community. The community or online community has taken the upper hand with the arrival of the Internet, but above all of the social networks that have made possible the communication between different people in a virtual way. The online communities gather, in an always virtual way, groups of individuals who share the same interests. The role of the manager is precisely to moderate these communities and user comments.

Another figure that belongs to the new digital professions and is extremely important, not only in the world of startups, and that is slowly gaining ground and making itself known to the rest of the world is that of the Growth Hacker . The latter, in fact, turns out to be a more and more requested and complex profession because it requires skills ranging from marketing, to design to programming.

The only goal of the Growth hacker is the growth of a startup like Reinstated Pros. Try to achieve this goal through the use of various marketing tools but also to automate marketing and retargeting activities. It is a very complex profession, difficult to define in a few lines and that certainly requires a lot of knowledge and different transversal skills combined with continuous training, which is why it is one of the most sought after and paid positions.

Among the professions defined "of the future" we cannot fail to mention that of the Web Content Editor and the E-Reputation Manager. The figure of the Web Content Editor is a professional figure that deals with defining a content strategy suitable for a specific target and identifying the most suitable tools and channels to attract the public's attention.

On the contrary, the E-Reputation Manager deals with checking the reputation of an online startup. This figure should work together with the Community Manager and the Digital PR taking responsibility for the control and subsequent analysis.

Other stakeholders that we can define as being affected by the startup phenomenon are the so-called serial entrepreneurs who have made their professional background, their failures and above all their successes a winning weapon to propose themselves as mentors of young and less young startuppers. So serial entrepreneurs can be fully included in the digital work class. These figures have been particularly successful mainly in particular institutions such as accelerators and incubators (which have also become famous thanks to the startup phenomenon).

The incubators can be both private and public and offer startupper who manage to enter to be part of a series of services such as the working space, internet connection, minimum financial resources and, of course, entrepreneurs mentoring talented and more experienced.

The accelerators, however, usually intervene in a more advanced stage of growth with mentoring activities in business development both nationally and internationally.

Even the latter are completely new organisms to the market, which began to be known and appreciated only after the advent of the startups and the network to which they belong. These are also part of the new digital works.

To stay updated on new digital professions, how to do fundraising strategy, on the most important events that a startupper cannot really give up and many other training contents.

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