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What is Text Annotation in Machine Learning?

Text annotation is a practice of adding footnotes or gloss to a text in the various formats like adding footnotes, highlights or underlining, comments, tags and links to a particular text. Text annotations can readers perspective or for with the purpose of making it more understandable for machines like computers. This is quite different from image annotation service but used for developing machine learning and AI-based projects for various fields.
Text annotation in machine learning is like annotating the data with addition notes that is also called metadata to a datasets. And using such metadata tag used to mark the text in the dataset used for machine learning is known as annotation over input. The text annotation is done with more accuracy in order to make it easily under stable by the machine learning algorithms to learn more effectively and efficiently to make the ML model work properly.

The Examples of Text Annotation in Machine Learning

Text annotation is used in Natural language processing to highlight the descriptive text in any language. Though, it is hard to present the examples of text annotation in machine learning, as AI developers working on such projects keep the secrecy of such work under development. But with the help of image implanted below you can understand what text annotation in machine learning is and how it’s done with natural language processing algorithms.

Image Showing Text Annotation Example:

To get such training datasets a huge amount of high-quality data is required, and Cogito is the company providing the training datasets for machine learning and AI-oriented needs. It is also involved in data collection and image annotation services for various fields like healthcare, automobile, ecommerce and customer support services.

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