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How to Make Fried Shrimp Recipe?

A few days ago we celebrated New Year I will not tell you for a long time what impression the country "Thousands of smiles" made on us, but I can only say that we fell in love with it.

In people in the kitchen in nature especially impressed with the kitchen. This something, this explosion of taste, seemingly incompatible products, adds up to such a symphony of taste and aroma. One of the dishes won my heart forever.
This is Healthy shrimp recipes. We tried them in different restaurants, but found one, which we then went to have dinner every evening. There they were especially adorable. By the end of the holiday, we were already recognized, and the waitress with a smile, And on the last day I decided to find out the recipe. It was very funny, probably watching us: the owner of the restaurant is German, the cooks are Thai. I do not know either Thai or German and quite a bit of English.

The Thais did not know English at all in this restaurant, I don’t know how they are developing relations with German So, I was able to explain to them what I really want, and the host kindly invited me to the kitchen, because They could not recipe me And since then, this dish I cook at home for my friends.

Guests gather with us quite often and always ask for shrimp according to my trademark recipe. This year we will celebrate New Year at home, but I will prepare the dish, and we will remember this magical country.

how they have a relationship with German So, I was able to explain to them what I still want, and the host kindly invited me to the kitchen, since they could not explain the recipe to me. And since then this dish I cook at home for my friends.

Ingredients for Fried Shrimp Recipes

  • Shrimps - 500 Gram
  • Soy sauce - 20 ml
  • Leek - 1 pc
  • Butter - 50 Gram
  • Olive oil - 50 Gram
  • Garlic - 0.5 pieces
  • Dill - 50 Gram
  • Parsley - 50 Gram

How to make Fried Shrimp Recipe

Step 1: Shrimp thawed, cleaned from the shell and carefully squeeze. Extra liquid to us to anything
Step 2: Fill with Kikkoman soy sauce, pepper and leave to marinate for 30-40 minutes
Step 3: During this time we are preparing everything else, since then we will have to act very quickly.
Step 4: Leek we cut into thin rings, finely chop the greens, and we also cut the into small pieces.
Step 5: Heat on a thick-walled pan, olive and butter
Step 6: We put garlic and onions in hot oil, grabs a little onion, becomes transparent, at this stage you can add a piece of ginger and chili flakes (who loves it hot)
Step 7: Immediately we drop our shrimps to it, pour it with soy sauce.
Step 8: Fry 5 minutes, our shrimps acquired a joyfully pink color, do not overdo it, otherwise the shrimp meat will be rubber, and we need tender juicy shrimps. Fall asleep greens, we languish even a couple of minutes.

And the fried shrimp recipe is ready, and it is very tasty and delicious.
Enjoy your delicious food

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