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How to Improve a Beautiful Garden at Home?

Do you need ways to improve your garden but do not know where to start? These nine quick tasks will make your garden look better in no time, perfect if you plan a garden party this summer and do not have time for a complete makeover in the garden.
To improve your garden, it is best to start with some "easy wins" that instantly make the place look better. This will give you the motivation to tackle long-term tasks. There's nothing like seeing results to incite a gardener to bigger things!

Here some tips on how to improve your garden:
Give your plants a boost:

The removal of the lower branches of trees and shrubs can make you look a million dollars. They can improve their shape, make them look "cleaner" and also help the air circulate around the plant, as well as create opportunities to plant underneath them. The target branches that are touching the ground or spoiling the shape of the plant and withdraw them to their origin.

Dress your pots above:

Scrape the top 5 cm of compost from the top of the established plant pots. This will eliminate weeds, moss and dead leaves. Then replace with a layer of fresh compost or decorative mulch and then water the plant, unless it is already saturated. If you encounter persistent weed seedlings or deep-rooted perennial weeds, use a thin-blade cleaning tool or garden knife to remove them.

Clean your pots:

Fill a bucket with warm water and a small detergent, arm yourself with a scrubbing brush and clean the outside of your patio pots. This will give a true enhancement to the patio and display your precious potted plants to perfection.

Smooth the cracks in your patio:

Use a tool to weed the yard or even a pair of old, rusted pruning shears to scrape the moss and weeds from the cracks between the paving slabs. Once removed, fill in the spaces between the pavement with a mixture of three parts of sharp sand in a cement part and a little water to moisten the mixture. Push it down through the cracks with a pointing trowel, and then smooth the surface with the trowel or with an old piece of cut hose.

Make a new flowerbed:

Most gardens have a bit of grass to spare, so take something out and add some new plants to improve your garden. Cut into the lawn area you want to remove, with a shovel. Then insert a lawnmower or shovel horizontally into the lawn to lift it. Make cuts along the area you are lifting, so that you move pieces of lawn that are manageable at the same time. Dig on the ground to loosen it, and then add some new plants. Check the heights and the sheets on the labels to make sure you have enough space for the plants once they have matured.

Give your lawn a fresh edge:

Cut at the edges of your lawn to make them an attractive shape and your edges will look better also instantly. Run a rope line or garden hose along the edges of your lawn to mark the shape you want them to be. Then cut along the line with a crescent edge or if you do not have one, a shovel will do the job. Then use a fork to remove the soil from the edge of the grass. This will make it easier to trim the edges in the future and give your lawn an elegant finish!

Fill holes in pots with instant color.

The newly planted containers can contain a large amount of naked compost while waiting for the plants to mature. Instead of holding this empty scene, fill in the spaces with temporary color when planting violas or primroses. These hardy, brightly colored plants will provide color for as long as you want.

Add the plants in groups of three:

Go to the plant center and be bold by buying three from the same plant instead of three individuals. This works well for herbaceous plants such as hardy geraniums and Achilles. Plant groups often have much more impact on the garden than individual plants. Plant the three plants together to make a large display or plant them along an edge to create a continuation of color. It's simple but effective!

Get rid of old and tired plants:

Be cruel if you have plants that are not pulling your weight. If you have old bushes that lack energy and have been limping along the garden, bite the bullet and unearth them and you will have improved your garden instantly. Each plant has an expiration date, and when you have replaced it with a new healthy plant, you will wonder why you can stand the old one for so long!

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