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Explore the Windows 10 with All New Features

The upgrade is the finest way to keep yourself and your device up to date. Nowadays, everything happens in the fastest way. So, it is important to keep yourself and your devices up to date in order to match the step with this advanced period. There are a lot of new features in the brand new windows 10. You can also be able to activate windows 10 without the Windows 10 Product Key. You will be able to do this by following some simple steps.

New in Windows 10:

There is a huge list that windows 10 can be able to offer the users. Take a look at this:

In Windows 10, you will be able to use Cortana. It is working as your voice and text activated personal assistance. It is able to work like Siri, the Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

There is a new app in order to view and edit photos.

In Windows 10, there is a replacement for windows media player.

There is an app in Windows 10 called Mail. It works with the most common email accounts.

Windows Store:
In Windows 10, you will be able to get a chance to use the app called Windows Store. From the Windows Store, you can be able to download free and paid for apps.

In Windows 10, it is very easy to use the control panel.

Action center:
There is a pop-out sidebar for notifications in the windows 10. The overall feature is very cool and easy to handle.

Installation keys:

There are some valid and generic windows installation keys in order to install the windows 10. There are Windows 10 Home Key, Windows 10 Pro Key, Windows 10 Enterprise Key, and Windows 10 Education Key. The costs of these keys are different according to your selected version of windows 10.

Generally, Windows 10 ISO is a personal computer operating system. It is developed and released by Microsoft as a part of Windows NT family of operating systems. It is a disc image file that can be used to create a Windows 10 installation USB or DVD. Microsoft has already provided all instructions how to download the official ISO file for Windows 10.

Download the ISO file:

You can do this by using the Media Creation Tool. But before begin the process you will have to make sure such things:
  • A strong internet connection will need for that.
  • Make sure that your computer has sufficient data storage, USB and external drive for download.
  • You will have to read all the system requirements.
  • For the Enterprise editions, you will have to visit the Volume Licensing Service Centre.
  • File formats need to be optimized for download speed.
  • You will get an optional conversion to ISO file format.
Actually, Windows 10 is fabulous and wonderful. It is far better than Windows 8.1. It is the ultimate option for you in order to upgrade your laptop or PC. There are many cool new features that a user can be able to see in the Windows 10.

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