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Why We Need to Change our Classrooms?

The world is moving forward. We moved from barbarism to civilization, from civilization to revolution, from revolution to industrialization, from industrialization we moved to the age of technology and after achieving this whole path we are now at the gateway of era of communication.
Today we have almost everything. We have from Fans and ACs to iphones and Ipads. Now we need is skill of focusing. 
Learning always comes in education because whatever you learn, it will definitely broaden up your mind and thinking. It will definitely bring change in your thought process and mentality.
Our current education system can teach toddlers the skills of communication and focus by renovating classrooms.

Classrooms should have

1) Older Friends:

  • Instead of having teachers who stand beyond students and give lectures, there is a need of teachers who would seem to be older cool friends who know how to step into the shoes of little kids of any grades. In this way teacher would not teach them better but also help them to learn to think and to learn to contribute in our society. By having conversation on round table between friends can result in discussion on issues which really need solution and this discussion might result in some solutions.
  • Teachers who would teach them as friends can make them communicators and orators. They can also nourish controllers and problem solvers.

2) Practical Learning:

  • Instead of teaching kids everything on board, today there is need to teach every skill on the basis of practicality. Instead of teaching them addition and subtraction on board, why don’t teachers teach them by organizing a cricket match in which they have to count runs and wickets which they would have lost?
  • Teaching skills in practical manner not only make their bodies active but also make their mind open and help them to engage with other fellows of their classroom and outside their classroom.
  • On whole, practical learning is gateway to reborn a scientist, computer geek or another Steve Jobs.

3) Discussion Forums:

  • There is great need of round tables or a mini discussion forums in every class because world needs great thinkers in order to pass this era to and move to greater level.
  • Discussion forums don’t need a formal discussion. It just requires enthusiasm from both sides of teachers and kids to discuss the certain application or any issue. The discussion can be made longer if students want it.
  • These platforms would also help them what to tweet and post on social websites and make them convincing speakers.
The world is changing, the needs are changing. It was a time when students used to write their thesis by themselves but now everyone wants thesis writing service.
If everything is modifying and renovating then why don’t our classrooms. There is a great requirement of making classrooms full of colours and creativity because the current kids are upcoming leaders of this world, a little canopy. Change classrooms is synonym of changing the world because there, lives our next generation.

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