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Top Web Development Trends That Will Shape the Industry in 2019

With the growing popularity of internet and advancements in technology, there’s no stopping to the world of web development. Today, web development is assisting in every facet of life. A recent survey shows that there exist about 200+ active websites while the total number of websites, both active and inactive, are nearly 10 times more. What's more surprising is the fact that nearly 200 websites are hitting the internet every 60 seconds.
Keeping pace with the latest trends has now become imperative for web designers to become part of any web development company Australia loves. With the introduction of new technology every day, the competition has become fierce. The only way to stay ahead of the pack is by gaining insight into the future web development trends that are likely to shape the industry in 2019 and leverage them into your web development.

Top 06 trends that will redefine web development’s future in 2019

Below presented is a list of top 06 trends in web development that will be seen dominating the industry at large in 2019. Some of these trends are likely to bring about huge revolutions which will change the spectrum of web development. These trends include:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is now regarded as an important part of any digital strategy because of its vast scope and its ability to shape the digital world. AI in web development can bring about drastic results by alleviating the customer conversion rates and the return on investment. As forecasted by leading web development company Australia, AI will witness significant growth and is likely to emerge as the most followed trend in web development in 2019.

2. Single page applications (SPA)

Coming to the limelight this year, SPA’s will only grow in popularity because of its easy navigability. Boasting a simple and fast design, SPAs will be loved by web users. As the name suggests, SPAs are long web pages that are free of complex menus and navigation.

3. Blockchain Technology

All hail to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the usage of blockchain technology has become widespread. Created on a peer-to-peer computer network that keeps data stored using a distribution ledger ensures that the data is never lost. The use of blockchain technology in web development will pace up in 2019.

4. Progressive web applications (PWA)

Progressive web applications (PWA) with android instant apps mark as the future of web development. When progressive web apps are combined with android instant apps, they let you create stunning apps with animations without the need of installing them.

5. Motion UI

Web users now prefer simple yet interactive and intuitive web pages. To keep up with the viewer’s short attention span, motion UI is all the rage.

6. Enriched designs

For years, the focus of web development was to create simple yet functional websites. However, the websites of today call for more images, animation and graphics to keep up with the demand for vibrant designs by web users. 2019 will witness the use of even more graphic content instead of text.

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