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Top 5 Largest Animals in The World

Our planet is inhabited by a great variety of large and small animals. Here is a brief introduction of the 5 Largest Animals in The World that are currently available. The description includes mammals and other varieties as well.

1. The southern elephant seal:

This is the largest living carnivore. The weight of the southern elephant seals can be as high as 8800 pounds and can reach a length of more than 20 feet. Southern elephant seals inhabit the frozen waters of Antarctica and sub-Antarctica. In contrast to the elephant, the hippopotamus and the rhinoceros, most of its amplitude is due to the fat it has to endure, as well as the extreme cold of its natural habitat. Polar bears also belong to the same family and are excellent swimmers and it is known that they reach up to sixty miles from the coast.

2. Rhinoceros:

Rhinos are also true big animals. There are 5 known species of rhinoceros. 3 are in Asia and 2 in Africa. The largest is the African white rhinoceros that can weigh up to two and a half tons when fully developed. Contrary to its name, a white rhinoceros has a dark gray color. The term "white" is supposed to be a corrupted form of the original Boer description of this enormous beast, which was called "wijde", Dutch for "wide" to describe the mouth of the animal.

3. The Antillean Manatee:

This is one of the largest animals in the worlds. The largest living Sirenian can weigh up to 1,300 pounds and reach a length of up to 13 feet. The Antillean manatee comes in two subspecies, the Florida manatee and the Caribbean manatee. The Antillean manatee was once dwarfed by another Sirenian genus, Steller's sea cow. In earlier times, the North Pacific had an abundance of the Stellar sea cow, but it was hunted to extinction in 1768; Just 27 years later the species was discovered by Europeans.

4. Hippopotamus:

The hippopotamus is the third largest animal on earth. The weight of a baby hippopotamus is one thousand pounds or half a ton, which is almost the weight of a truck. The weight of an adult and adult hippopotamus can be up to four tons. The term hippopotamus is translated as "river horse". True to its name, this animal normally spends eighteen hours a day submerged or partially submerged. They can reach a height of up to fourteen feet and the position of their eyes and ears is high in the head. These characteristics allow them to stay in deep water and keep breathing.

5. Elephants:

Elephants, especially African elephants, are the second largest animals in the world and the largest animals on earth. The largest known elephant had a weight of ten tons and four meters in height on his shoulder. That's pretty big, but only five percent of the weight of a blue whale. The baby African elephant is also large and it takes 23 months for the mother to deliver one from conception.

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