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How to Choose the Best Video Transcription Service?

Cogito offers world-class Video transcription service with well-maintained quality and accuracy of contents at each level. Cogito use the multiple level of transcription process using the most advance tools and techniques backed with human power to convert the audiovisual files into audio, text or other desirable formats. Cogito ensure each spoken word and displayed content can be mentioned while performing the transcription process.

Cogito Offers Video Audio Transcription for following Needs

  • Commercials and Movies
  • Shooting scripts and Television series
  • Interviews and Conference proceedings
  • Legal material and Police interview videos
  • Motion pictures, Music videos & Music videos
  • Academic videos, Educational videos/materials
  • Meetings, Seminars and Corporate training videos
  • General recordings and Surveillance recordings
Cogito is expert in video to text transcription ignoring all the entire disruption, background music and other disturbing noises to guarantee the sense of video content is not getting mislaid. Cogito also make sure the transcribed data is not misused or not shared with others to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of each client. Video transcription services is offered by Cogito is available for business organization, legal entities, education institutes and any type of commercial organizations looking for high-quality transcription at lowest cost.

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