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5 Things You Must Know When Purchasing Your First Rolex

Recently got a big promotion? Or it is your birthday or anniversary and you are thinking about presenting yourself with a unique gift, a precious Rolex for the very first time? Then, you need to consider these 5 things of absolute importance before purchasing your first Rolex.
1. Authenticity: Although it might seem absurd at first, due to Rolex’s extensive demands and fewer designs, there have been incidents of faking Rolex reportedly. So, if you are not sure just check these things- 
  • Font
  • The general spacing of the printing
  • The weight of the timepiece
  • Kind of movement
2. Considering Lifestyle: Do you consider yourself a sporty guy, or a flashy guy, a classic guy or a perfect business guy? Ultimately, this answer will decide what type of Rolex you should wear. Lots of people prefer a classic Rolex due to its timelessness to take pride in.
3. Dial Size: It is imperative that your Rolex fits well to your wrist. It is ideal if your watch looks proportionate to your wrist. i.e. a 36mm diameter is perfect for a small wrist. Larger hands look good with 40 mm or 41 mm in diameter.
4. The Strap: It all depends on the strap or bracelet of your dream Rolex. There is a number of different strap styles such as leather, metal and so on. While metal straps suit the females, a classic leather strap looks elegant with a male. Moreover, you need to be choosy about the dial and strap color. Rolex offers Gold, white gold, silver and rose-gold colors mostly.
5. Caring: Well although it is related with after purchasing, you need to be absolutely informative about the care a Rolex needs. Ensure that you know the pros and cons of cleaning your Rolex and take proper care of the highly-valued and luxury watch.
A Rolex is often a lifetime investment that keeps you high and esteemed. Consider these facts carefully before buying your first Rolex to avoid future hassles.

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