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10 Easy Steps to Start WordPress Blog

Hi Guys, if you plan to develop website on WordPress then follow some important steps here- 

Step 1: Hosting Account: Firstly purchase hosting account in Godaddy, Hostgator etc or already you have then no problems. 

Step 2: Choose Domain Name: Purchase domain according your need like as blog, business, news etc. 

Step 3: Connect your domain with hosting account then upload WordPress setup on your domain.

Step 5: Customize your website sidebar, Header and Footer section and two important things to develop back-end and front-end. 

Step 6: Then Setup your website blog setting, profile and author to show on website. 

Step 7: Setup your website comment moderation setting and discussion blog setting to fit post on site.  

Step 8: Create your page to need on site and link show header and footer section. 

Step 9: Finally to start write your blog and post on website 

Step 10: Use WordPress plugins to better look and speedup to install some important plugins like Yoast, Page Builder, W3 Cache, contact form etc. 

I hope above Steps help for people to develop WordPress website easily. These processes to apply to start your first site develop. Thank You…

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