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What are best Open Source Tools for Moderating UGC?

There are diverse range of tools and techniques to moderate user generated contents. Though, individual content moderators also do this job manually but when there is large volume of contents generated every minute and you don’t have much resource to monitor such spam contents, you can use open source tool that will automatically detect the spam contents and remove the same timely before it affects the reputation of the company or a brand image.

Microsoft Azure is like one the best open source tool for moderating user generated contents with satisfying results. Moderating contents with such tools no doubt will provide Machine-assisted content moderation APIs and human review tool for images, text and videos. However, for monitoring various types of contents for different types of companies as per their products offerings and services, such tools cannot be effective at some extent. There are few contents which cannot to recognized, whether it’s good or bad making difficult to filter.

At this moment you need to hire a professional content moderator to who can regularly monitor and detect potential offensive and unwanted images to filter undesirable contents including moderation of adult and racy content in images or videos. Cogito is the right company providing content moderation service with spam content detection services with customized solution with accuracy and dedicated resources helping companies to improve their brand image in the market allowing keeping intact their customer and also attracting new consumers.

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